Stakeholder Register in Project Management

project management stakeholdersIdentifying stakeholders is a key step of project initiation. Listing all stakeholders in a register is an easy and effective way of tracking them. This register will come in handy throughout the rest of your project, especially when assessing communications and risks.

Stakeholders Register

Early in the project, work with your project owner and/or sponsor to create a list of all possible stakeholders. Depending on the impact your project will have on your organization and third parties, this list may be long.

project management stakeholdersThe stakeholder register is a tool for the project manager and a key input for the project communications plan. Based on the assessment of your list, you can plan a strong communications strategy. You don’t need to share the list or details beyond the project sponsor.

A stakeholder register is not a RACI diagram. Instead it’s a list of people, groups and organizations that may have any kind of interest in your project. In this register you can find names, titles, roles, interests, power, requirements, expectations, etc.

A simple stakeholder register can be created in excel and may include:

  • Stakeholder Name
  • Group (business unit or corporate area)
  • Department (marketing, sales, etc.)
  • Title (manager, director, etc.)
  • Interests
  • Requirements
  • Communication needs
  • Other notes

As the project progresses you will identify new stakeholders. You should continue to update the register with this information.

Author: Kenneth Ashe

Kenneth Ashe CPA, PMP, CGMA, MAcc

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