A Case for Life Insurance Policies that Payout in Gold

This was my second Toastmasters speech. 


life-insurance-is-boringLife Insurance is boring.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand the need for this product, and I have life insurance. But there are a lot of different ways to pass down wealth in the US. Many of them are more exciting than life insurance.

Today I’d like to present you with an idea for a unique life insurance product that the Prudential could offer, and I would be excited about. Continue reading “A Case for Life Insurance Policies that Payout in Gold”

Toastmasters – I will never date you

This was my first Toastmasters speech. I gave it a couple of weeks ago. I decided to talk about about how my wife and I got together as my Icebreaker speech. It was a story that I’ve told several times, and it was easy to deliver. It went well, and I got some great feedback (which was in the front of my mind for a work presentation that I gave the next day.)

So here’s the speech… Continue reading “Toastmasters – I will never date you”