Stakeholder Register in Project Management

project management stakeholdersIdentifying stakeholders is a key step of project initiation. Listing all stakeholders in a register is an easy and effective way of tracking them. This register will come in handy throughout the rest of your project, especially when assessing communications and risks. Continue reading “Stakeholder Register in Project Management”

The Project Management Murder Board

murder boardA murder board usually refers a process where a committee of senior managers and/or subject matter experts scrutinize projects as a part of the project selection process. The committee attempts to stop (or murder) a project before it’s undertaken.

Aside from project selection, a murder board can also refer to a tool used to:
– prepare for presentations
– perfect project plans Continue reading “The Project Management Murder Board”

The Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act

Program Management Improvement Accountability ActOn 11/30/2016, the US Senate approved the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act. It will now go to President Obama for his signature. He is expected to sign it into law before he leaves office.

The Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act

According to the Project Management Institute, this bill will change program and project management within the U.S government by: Continue reading “The Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act”

Think strategically to drive process improvements

As a project manager, thinking strategically to identifying efficiencies and improve processes is an essential part of my job.

What is strategic thinking?

Strategic thinking is the process of proactively envisioning future possible outcomes in order to identify opportunities and threats, not only to your project, but to your organization and stakeholders as well. Continue reading “Think strategically to drive process improvements”

The Issues List (aka Issues Log)

Today I’m going to write about one of my favorite project management tools!

The Issues List – A Key Project Management Tool

All project managers should be familiar with the issues list, but I find that people who have never been involved in a large project don’t know what one is. That’s why I’m explaining it here today. Continue reading “The Issues List (aka Issues Log)”

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) – Project Management

The work breakdown structure is a visual decomposition of a project into deliverables and work packages. It’s a tree structure, which divides the work needed to complete your project.

The WBS should be the source of all planning, scheduling, action, and decisions in all projects. Every project management professional should understand the value of the WBS and use it as a guide for all subsequent processes. Continue reading “Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) – Project Management”